Dash Cam 222

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Dash Cam 222


Excellent quality, fair price! That's what the dash cam 222. With enhanced 6 layer-glass lens, 1080p full HD and a 140° wide viewing angle the dash cam will not miss anything what happens on the road. Lean back and enjoy your journey. And in the case something unexpected like an accident will happen, the dashcam will have an eye on all important information.

As a Nextbase client you have free access to the mynextbase.com Cloud-Service 24/7.


Overview all Features:




Parking Mode

The new intelligent parking mode can be activated in every new dash cam of the series 2 from Nextbase. As soon as you park and your ignition is turned off, the dash cam will automatically switch into “parking mode” by shutting down everything except the new G Force sensor. The sensitivity of the G force sensor is then increased dramatically. So when somebody bumps in your car while you're not there, the camera will automatically turn on and capture everything. Good-Bye hit-and-run driving!





        Click&Go Pro Mount

The exclusive Click&Go Pro Mount offers an easy installation for your dash cam with integrated magnetic power connectionsThe power cable leads into the mount, so the dash cam itself is wireless. Based on our Plug & Play mechanism you can install your dash cam with only one hand!



9a9cae2d-221c-44ce-9495-cd14d1e29829.__CR0,0,591,591_PT0_SX220_V1___                 Polarizationfilter

The polarization is an optional accessory for your dash cam. It minimizes the reflections from the sun on the windscreen. If the solar radiation is too high, the contrast is increased in order to better recognize important details such as license plates. Click here to buy the polarization filter.





Stay on the safe side and get your independent witness in your car with the Dashcam 222!

Дополнительные сведения о продукте

разрешение 1080p Full HD - 30 fps
экран 2,5" LED HD IPS
монтирует magnetic Click&Go Pro Mount
Угол обзора 140°
Wi-Fi нет
GPS нет
Bluetooth нет
Поляризационный фильтр совместимый
Alexa нет
Nextbase Режим парковки умный
Модуль камеры совместим нет
SOS функция экстренной помощи нет
MyNextbase Player App нет
Nextbase Cloud Storage да
MyNextbase Connect App нет


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Click&Go Pro Mount Click&Go Pro Mount
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