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CLICK 7 LITE "Пасхальное яйцо"

CLICK 7 LITE  "EASTER EGG"- including stanchion mount & headrest mount & accessories - exclusive player with 7'' digital TFT screen.Player includes new Click & Go-technology, an intelligent and safe car mounting system.

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CLICK 9 LITE "Пасхальное яйцо"

CLICK 9 LITE  "EASTER EGG"- DVD-car-system including stanchion mount & headrest mount & accessories, with Click & Go-technology.

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Click&Go stanchion mount UNO (cable connection on the right)

Never fight with the cables again! Once you've installed the Click&Go Mount you can insert and remove the player cable free. It just "clicks" and you can go with the movie. 



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Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe MEGA-PACK

OFFER: MEGA: 2x 9" dvd player / stanchion mount Duo with YoYo-cable / 2x IR-headphones (wireless) / 2x headrest mount UNO with 12V-cable / 2x220V adaptor / 2x earphones / carrying bag / AV cable / remote, 2x external battery

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Table Stand

This high quality table stand in black leather optic with Nextbase-brand can be used to place a Nextbase device on any table. Please use headrest or stanchion mount to fix the device.

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