Rear View Camera

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Rear View Camera

The Nextbase Rear View Camera is optionally available as a module for the dash cams 322GW, 422GW and 522GW. Thanks to the camera's narrow 30° telephoto lens, it effortlessly records what is happening on the street behind you. With the rear-view camera, you protect yourself against reckless races and rear-end collisions.

When you use the rear view camera, the recording resolution of the front camera is automatically adjusted to manage the two files with high resolution at the same time. The options for these settings are for the 422GW / 522GW front and rear 1080p or front 1440p and rear 720p, and for the 322GW front 1080p and rear 720p.


Prodotto Nota Stato Prezzo
Dash Cam 322GW Dash Cam 322GW
138,48 € *
Dash Cam 422GW Dash Cam 422GW
179,52 € * Avvisa quando diventa disponibile
Dash Cam 522GW Dash Cam 522GW
199,01 € * Avvisa quando diventa disponibile
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Includono l'IVA, escluso spedizione

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