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NEW: Ordering your Click-DVD-system you will always have the choice: mount-connection for the 12V-cable on the left or on the right // black or coloured headphones.

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Nouveau DUO CINEMA 10" XL

Nextbase Duo Cinema: fabulous 10,1”-dual-screen rear seat entertainment. DVD, USB, HDMI (all media via smartphone / tablet) Crash-tested!  

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Nouveau DUO CINEMA 10" XXL

Duo Cinema XXL: Fabulous 10,1”-dual-screen rear seat entertainment. DVD, USB, HDMI (iTunes & Co.via smartphone), crash-tested mount and 2x IR-headphones included. 

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Nouveau InCar Dash Cam DVR 4063

Built in GPS, WLAN and WiFi real time delivery message, crystal-clear pictures: Nextbase DVR 4063 is a Nextbase-flagship. 

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InCar TwinCam Dash Cam DUO

The Nextbase InCarCam DUO features 2 lenses offering you all round protection on the road! 140 degree wide angle lens + 50 metre zoom lens - this great dash cam will record all your journey in excellent HD-quality!

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InCar Dashcam 512G Ultra XL

InCarCam 512G Ultra is offering key features that previously were only found in top end digital camcorders. World’s first dash cam with anti glare polarising filter! XL-set with protective case and 32GB SD-Card.

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DC 12V adapteur allume-cigare Click-Duo-modèles

Adaptable pour tous les Nextbase-Click-DUO-modèles.

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Click 9 Lite Duo Deluxe MEGA-PACK

OFFER: MEGA: 2x 9" dvd player / stanchion mount Duo with YoYo-cable / 2x IR-headphones (wireless) / 2x headrest mount UNO with 12V-cable / 2x220V adaptor / 2x earphones / carrying bag / AV cable / remote, 2x external battery

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