Dash Cam 522GW

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Dash Cam 522GW


The new dash cam 522GW from Nextbase redefines the possibilities of the dash cam. Experience fantastic video quality at 1440p / 30  frames per second or 1080p / 60 frames per second. You can directly watch your videos on the 3" Touch Display! The 522GW is the world's first dashcam with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to automatically synchronize your files with your smartphone and send them to your insurer quickly and easily.

With the MyNextbase Connect app, your videos can be easily edited and shared. With the SOS function, which automatically alerts the emergency services in the event of an accident, and the new parking mode, you are always perfectly protected. The 522GW dash cam can also be equipped with other camera modules such as the rear window camera. This has the events behind your car in view.

Nextbase clients have free access to the Cloud-Service 24/7.


Overview all Features:




Parking Mode

The new intelligent parking mode can be activated in every new dashcam of the series 2 from Nextbase. As soon as you park and your ignition is turned off, the dash cam will automatically switch into “parking mode” by shutting down everything except the new G Force sensor. The sensitivity of the G force sensor is then increased dramatically. So when somebody bumps in your car while you're not there, the camera will automatically turn on and capture everything. Good-Bye hit-and-run driving!





        Click&Go Pro Mount

The exclusive Click&Go Pro Mount offers an easy installation for your dashcam with integrated magnetic power connectionsThe power cable leads into the mount, so the dashcam itself is cableless. Because of our Plug & Play mechanism you can install your dashcam with only one hand!



9a9cae2d-221c-44ce-9495-cd14d1e29829.__CR0,0,591,591_PT0_SX220_V1___                 Polarizationfilter integrated

The polarization is integrated as standard in the 522GW. It minimizes the reflections from the sun and the windscreen. If the solar radiation is too high, the contrast is increased in order to better recognize important details such as license plates.






10 x GPS

By combining the American (GPS) and Russian (GLONAS) satellite systems, Nextbase is able to provide up to 10 times more accurate GPS data for your dash cam. Thanks to the improved refresh rate of 10 Hz, the GPS system records very precise speed and acceleration data. These can be viewed in the MyNextbase Player and can be of central importance in the event of an accident. The new hot start function saves your last satellite position for up to two hours. This means that you almost immediately have your old GPS fix point after you get into your car.





In the event of an accident in which the driver is no longer able to act, the Nextbase emergency SOS system can inform the emergency services. The emergency message is only sent after a forgery-proof process. This includes a light signal mode on the driver's phone. If the phone is not switched on, an emergency message is sent to the integrator and the emergency service. The emergency report contains GPS data as well as personal data such as blood type and allergies. For the General Terms and Conditions of the Nextbase SOS emergency service, please click here.







Nextbase has launched the world's first dash cams with integrated Alexa. Ask your dashcam to play your favorite playlist, listen to the news, or calculate the fastest route home using voice control. 






Stay on the safe side and get your independent witness in your car with the dash cam 522GW!

Información de producto adicional

Resolución 1440p Full HD - 30 fps or 1080p Full HD - 60 fps
Pantalla 3" LED HD IPS Touch
Soporte magnetic Click&Go Pro GPS Mount
Ángulo de visión 140°
Wi-Fi QuickLink-WLAN
GPS 10 x GPS
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
Filtro polarizador Integrado
Alexa Integrado
Nextbase Modo de estacionamiento Inteligente
Módulo de cámara compatible Sí - Delantero 1440p / 1080p Atrás 720p / 1080p
Función de ayuda de emergencia SOS
MyNextbase Player App
Nextbase Cloud Storage
MyNextbase Connect App


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