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Dashcams are more than just a gadget. They get more and more important to record the situation - which might be very helpful especially in case of an accident as you get a clear picture what really happend. 





Here you'll find an overwiew of the functions and advantages of the different cams. Simply click.

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Nuevo Dash Cam 122

Nextbase Entry-level model 122 - 720p HD - 5-layer glass lens - 120° Viewing Angle - Buy now!

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Nuevo Dash Cam 222

Nextbase dash cam 222 - 1080p Full HD - 140° Viewing Angle - Free Cloud Storage - Buy now!

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Nuevo Dash Cam 322GW

Nextbase 322GW - 2,5" Touch Display - The worlds first Bluetooth and Wi-Fi dashcam - 1080p/60fps - 140° Viewing Angle - SOS-Feature - Buy now!

138,48 *
precio anterior 149,99 €
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Nuevo Dash Cam 422GW

Nextbase dash cam 422GW - 2,5" Touch Display - Alexa Built-In - 1440p Quad HD - Emergency-Function - Bluetooth - Wi-Fi - Buy now!

179,52 *
precio anterior 199,99 €
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Nuevo Dash Cam 522GW

The Nextbase dash cam 522GW - Alexa Built-In -  1440p QHD - 3" Touch-Display - Emergency-SOS-Function - Bluetooth - Wi-Fi - Buy now!

199,01 *
precio anterior 229,99 €
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Nuevo Rear Window Camera

Your protection against speeders and tailgaters:  Rear Window camera from Nextbase! - 1080p / 720p Full HD - Buy Now!

99,99 *

InCar Dash Cam 412GW Professional

THE Shooting-Star 412GW Professional: QUAD HD 1440p High Definition recording at 30 frames per second140° viewing angle, GPS, WiFi ... and last but not least an ultra-slim beauty.

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InCar Dash Cam 312GW Deluxe

Nextbase 312GW the most connected dash cam in the world! Designed and developed for experienced motorists who want instant upload capabilities to social media. Market leading thanks to its connective capabilities and ease of use.

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InCar Dash Cam DVR 4061

Latest technology, top design, crystal-clear videos: the DVR 4061 does not miss any second, even in dazzling sunlight or in a dark night. Cam-Hightech from Nextbase for your safety!

111,00 *
precio anterior 159,00 €
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Nuevo InCar Dash Cam 512G Ultra

InCarCam 512G is offering key features that previously were only found in top end digital camcorders. World’s first dash cam with anti glare polarising filter!

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precio anterior 239,00 €
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Nuevo Mirror Dash Cam Full HD

The Nextbase Mirror adds an innovative design to the Nextbase Dash Cam range. The cam attaches to any rear-view mirror in the vehicle. Full HD recording!

199,00 *
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Nuevo Cabin View Camera

Nextbase Cabin View Camera - 1080p / 720p HD - Records the interior and the street besides you - Buy now!

99,99 *
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Nuevo Rear View Camera

Nextbase Rear View Camera - 30° telephoto lens - 1080p / 720p HD - records the street behind you - Protection against rear-end collisions - Buy now!

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Accesorios para dashcams

Accesorios para dashcams

In order to make your search easier we decided to open this separate category for Nextbase dash cam accessories.