Extension-set Click&Go stanchion mount XXL (RIGHT)

Extension-set Click&Go stanchion mount XXL (RIGHT)

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Extension-set Click&Go stanchion mount XXL (RIGHT)

You own a single Click-player already and want to extend your system? This set is the perfect solution. It includes a (2nd) stanchion mount (cable junction on the RIGHT),the YoYo-cable for connecting both devices with each other and with the 12V-socket AND 2x wireless IR-headphones.

Usually you will use this mount together with a second mount with cable junction on the left side.

Using the extension and a second click-device will allow you to watch the same film on both screens or to watch two different films at the same time. You just have to switch between AV-IN and AV-Out on your remote control. 

Never fight with the cables again! Once you've installed the Click&Go Mount you can insert and remove the player cable free. It just "clicks" and you can go with the movie. 

The stanchion Mount is used to attach your single Click-tablet DVD Player to the headrest of a vehicle using the stanchions (chrome poles) of the headrest. (so it will only work with vehicles that have stanchions). The width of the mount is flexible so it will fit for all types of stanchions. 

Safety: Passed European safety standards ECE R-17 and ECE R-21. 

ATTENTION: Mounting for "Click..."-devices only, NOT compatible with Nextbase SDV-, CAR- and Cinema series. 


1x stanchion mount (connection on the RIGHT)

1x YoYo.cable with magnetic cable clips 

1x hexagonal mounting key

2x 2-channel-IR-headphones

Installation takes less than five minutes. The system will stay in the car, device can be clicked in and off. UNO mount can easily be enlarged to a DUO mount. 

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